Peru: new national park and two communal reserves consolidate an international conservation corridor

Parque Nacional Güeppí Sekime

Teófilo Torres couldn’t hide his joy. Being Head of the Gueppi Reserved Zone, he knows, like no one else does, how hard it’s been to consolidate the conservation of this outstanding natural area, which since this afternoon it’s been recognized as a national park and two communal reserves.


Cuyabeno Tourism

 “Paradise” is one way that the hundreds of tourists who annually visit the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve describe this area, one of the three in the Tri-Na...

PNN La Paya

PNN La Paya

La Paya National Natural Park is located in the department of Putumayo, within the jurisdicion of the Puerto Leguizamo municipality.  This protected are...

RPF Cuyabeno

RPF  Cuyabeno

Created in 1979 with an initial area of 254,760 hectares (Ministerial Agreement 322, July 26 1979), this area includes a lagoon system and flooded forest.

NP Güeppí

NP Güeppí

Gueppi National Park was created as a reserve in 1997, encompassing an area of 625,971 hectares of highly biodiverse flora and fauna.  After a long part...