Trinational Program

Trinational Program

¿What is the Trinational Program?

The Tri-National Program is an initiative to integrate the management of the Amazon border region in the Putumayo River Basin among the protected areas of Colombia, Ecuador and Peru: La Paya National Natural Park (Colombia), Cuyabeno Wildlife Protection Reserve (Ecuador), and the Gueppi Protected Area (Peru).

Governance and Sovereignty

One of the topics discussed in the agreement is sovereignty, in which each country can exercise control freely over its own territory, through its own institutions. The Program seeks to develop agreements that enable consensus-based decision-making on themes related to the Tri-National Program scope. 

Towards a shared vision

The Program’s objective is to generate a coordinated regional management model that enables the management of protected areas and their areas of influence in themes such as control and vigilance; research and monitoring; promotion of ecotourism and environmental goods and services.

Threats and Opportunities

The large quantity of resources in the area mena that it is threatened by a variety of unregulated, uncontrolled practices that generate negative environmental impacts.  They include indiscriminate logging, the expansion of agriculture, oil drilling, illegal mining, over-exploitation of water resources, and infrastructure projects, among others.

Management Lines

There are four axes of management

  • Management of protected areas and their zones of influence
  • Social Participation
  • Strengthening of the conservation corridor
  • Strengthening institutional capacities:

Institutional actors in the territory

Institutional actors on the territory  are:



The area of the corridor

The Tri-National Program for the Conservation and Sustainable Development of Protected Areas Corridor La Paya (Colombia) - Cuyabeno (Ecuador) - Güeppi (Peru) covers a vast territory that includes three protected areas that have come together to identify strategies for the area’s management and sustainable development.