Corridor area

The area of the corridor

The Tri-National Program for the Conservation and Sustainable Development of Protected Areas Corridor La Paya (Colombia) - Cuyabeno (Ecuador) - Güeppi (Peru) covers a vast territory that includes three protected areas that have come together to identify strategies for the area’s management and sustainable development.  The corridor is located in the tri national border area of Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, covering half of the Putumayo River Basin, the Napo River, and  the Güeppi river among the three countries.  The area includes three bordering protected areas and their zones of influence, with an approximate area of two million hectares. In Colombia, La Paya National Park has an area of 422,000 ha; Gueppi Reserve Area in Peru has 625,971 ha; and Ecuador’s Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve has an area of 603,380 ha (WWF 2011, Program 2011th tri, tri Program 2011b).