Tres areas protegidas

Three protected areas

PNN La Paya

La Paya National Natural Park is located in the department of Putumayo, within the jurisdicion of the Puerto Leguizamo municipality.  This protected area was named after one of its most emblematic sites, the 300-hectare La Apaya Lake wetlands.  The park’s 422,000 hectares consists of water, forests, marshes and various other ecosystems that are no longer found elsewhere in Putumayo, in great part due to colonization and of the territory.

NP Güeppí

Gueppi National Park was created as a reserve in 1997, encompassing an area of 625,971 hectares of highly biodiverse flora and fauna.  After a long participatory planning process with local actors, the Park had a proposal for concerted categorization, which consists of the creation of two Communal Reserves (Airo Pai and Huimeki) and one National Park (Gueppi). In 2012 was declared as National Park after 15 years.

RPF Cuyabeno

Created in 1979 with an initial area of 254,760 hectares (Ministerial Agreement 322, July 26 1979), this area includes a lagoon system and flooded forest.