Cuyabeno Lagoons_Camilo Ortega

Cuyabeno, a tourist destination

“Paradis” is one way that the hundeds of tourists who annually visit the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve describe this area, one of the three in the Tri-National Program. 
You can see nature at its best in this Amazonic landscape, where a huge lake complex reflects the surrounding jungle, which is home to much of the area’s animals. 
How to get there:

Lagoons are one of the main atractions in Cuyabeno Lodges are located into the jungle and provide all the comoditys required by the turist There, people can find monkey species, birds, dolphins  and many kind of animals

How to get there:

From Quito, take one of the daily flights to Lake Agrio, or take an 8-hour bus trip that will cost about $8 USD.  From there, you must reach the starting-point, which is three hours by highway.  However, the best option is to contact one of the travel agencies that serves the area and furthermore can help you find a place to stay within the reserve, given that all visitors should be accompanied by an expert guide. 

Once you reach the starting-point, you will be transported by boat service to your chosen accommodations.  From there and throughout your stay, enjoy your experience accompanied by one of the area’s guides, who are mostly local, who have been trained to lead you and help you to make the most of your tours around the Reserve.