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Towards a shared vision

The Program’s objective is to generate a coordinated regional management model that enables the management of protected areas and their areas of influence in themes such as control and vigilance; research and monitoring; promotion of ecotourism and environmental goods and services; zoning and regulation of the use of protected areas; and the training and capacity-building of local and national teams. 

Furthermore, the Program incorporates an important participatory component, which involves coordination with the local population regarding the sustainable use and management of natural resources, strengthening of local governance capacity, and the protection of tangible and intangible cultural heritage of local indigenous people. 

To strengthen the conservation corridor, the program seeks to link management and planning tools, promoting the corridor’s environmental management and the promotion of mechanisms for interagency coordination and the strengthening of institutional capabilities.  

The consolidation of this natural corridor is an initiative that the authorities of the natural protected areas have been promoting since 2005 by creating and strengthening a regional political model called the Tri-National Program for Conservation and Sustainable Development.  This is an umbrella model that guides all projects that are implemented or formulated in the Tri-National Corridor.